Aperture, most important in my opinion

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Aperture, most important in my opinion

Post by Marco » Wed Jul 31, 2019 11:59 pm

Why i think it's so important

Well it depend on what kind of photo's you like to shoot, but for me macro photo's are the best.
That is because you can see everything with so much detail you will never see through your own eye's.

And what Aperture does is how deep in the image you like to put your focus on and the rest will get blurry.
How beautifull is it when you make a photo of an insect and put your aperture low as possible so the only thing you will see is just the insect with a blurry background.

My new macro lens will come tommorow, but i can't wait to make these macro shot's myself. Well i already try to make some, but i made them without lens. So with a lens will be so much better.

Here you see a nice macro shot from a member of our facebook group, i fell in love with this picture.
He also used a low aperture:
ffr2.jpg (45.22 KiB) Viewed 231 times
Credits to Dante Rey Alcantara‎ on our facebook page.
He did such a great job and this photo explains you how a low aperture looks like aswell.

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